Shadows Of Doubt

by Ad Cinerem

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released January 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Ad Cinerem Dresden, Germany

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Track Name: Shadows Of Doubt
Maggots working their way through my mind,
they left no dream unbiten, no weakened thought behind...
It was as if there were a void, an emptiness that consums all light,
On shores of life and death I‘m stranded
Reality itself turned pale and ended
I smelled the rotting dead from inside my heart,
and realize that I tore this place apart
Which worth has a mind, a bleeding heart to dead to cry,
A place so dark without an end, sends shadows silently to fly
I spit curses and acid fears in silence towards to a lonely sky
I created a place without a sun and they dont seem to know what they‘ve done
What lies at the End of hurt and loss?
Visions were born, frozen dreams and desires,
mental beasts and hopes died down Died down in inner fires
Those who fear the darkness have never seen what the light can do
We are just mortals who have forgotten their mortality
each nightmare is a cagebird which is to be set free
what lies at the end of hurt and loss?
I know the void...I know the void will answer us
I broke all windows to be free and got shattered by the rain
Life itself does not heal me, life itself is only pain
Silent ruins wait outside skies once grey turn to bleeding gold
an hour in want to kill the light speak s “Let the world be cold“
Track Name: Signature Of Present
I watched you from my wooden throne, live and letting live is easy,
as long you wear the crown one will rise, one will fall
its always the same war and peace the oldest game
Sacred visions – about a God of men
in sleepy thoughts they die,
like victims in an opium den
I set your dreams of peace ablaze your alliance, your future
- a path into a another maze
I passed moonlit fields, rows of gathered wheat
bushes stood like soldiers, the wind gave their hearts a beat
Machines trampled down the land,
pathetic slaves stands still with nothing in their hands
our hearts tied to a stone,
in front of roaring floods we choose to drown
Legions of voices - shadows in a cage
blinded by choices, mightless turning page by page
Have your ever walked through the wooden gates?
Have you ever wondered why all beauty fades?
Have you ever walked below oaken skies?
Have your ever seen into dying eyes?
Have you ever wished our end tonight?
Have you ever tried to ressist the light?
Have you ever witnessed the birth of time‘s demise?
Have you ever ask were our freedom lies?
Track Name: Coldness Went Beyond A Heart
The Land, the soul -
buried under the wilted sheets
shattered skies dwell the painted-grey in leaks,
the road forlorn all day,
the world burns slow, in smokeless decay
I saw the last of the light, of a sun that had died,
In your eyes I see...the shadow is in me
I saw the death of the light, of a race that lost his might
In your eyes I see...the night was breaking free
I walked my way alone, alone in the constant rain,
a heart, a tanglewire
I watched the saddest city lane to find the fire
Strength... thrown off... reason and reality
make a choice or die for their insanity
The wills of mortals shift as the tide ebbs and flows
The minds of mortals shift as the wind stands still and blows
Below the stars that never fade, we walk a path...
of dying past and further hate
Track Name: Pulse Of An End
In this dungeon full of mudd
once called soul
rages a hammer
against the broken walls of our time.
Through the ruins of a lie,
the flock stumbles into the fading light,
Glancing towards the sky
As if it‘s sucking it‘s eye.
They don‘t notice anything...
They don‘t think anything...
They dont say anything...
They‘re merely a shell of their former self
and soon they will disappear
like melting snow
This epidemic leads us to death And this
disease is called salvation!
Caged between craze and reality, Like
moth they circle the flames,
Like wilted leaves they fall to the ground,
as victims of their desire,
as a witness of the fire,
Caged between craze and reality,
Between those fozzilized bars of morality.
I can hear the pulse of the end
the hint of the moment
The Darkness should cover the light
as the Moons shadow the sunlight
I can hear the pulse of the end
the call of the moment
and darkness will cover the light
as the moons shadow the sunlight
Track Name: Possession
empty eyes staring into nothing
hate, sorrow, wrath, despair
insane from the feeling
that the pain
is the only real existing thing
the tears they are falling like
heavy autumn rain
caused by another thousand lies
the blades burrow into flesh
no longer blood
flows through veins now it
covers the ground mortality
became real possessed
by death and pain
tortured by emotions
slaughtered by myself
no forgiving
no curing no confidence
life is an endless agony
Follow me into the mirror
cut deep with every shard
follow me into the river that
flows out of my heart
follow me into the night
where this illusion dies
follow me into the light where
our freedom lies